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Programme: Our Viking Learning Journey

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Welcome to BTV News. We hope you enjoy watching our programmes. Our Y4 News team are producing, filming and editing all the exciting things that are happening in our school.

Read our blog and watch our programmes and if you have any ideas for a news programme please let us know.


NEW!!!! Brougham Radio Team are broadcasting prorammes, also available on The primary channel

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BTV Christmas special
Mon 2 Feb 2009 5:06:06 pm
Programme published: BTV Christmas special Christmas special including snappy christmas 2008Christmas special including sn [more..]

Choir singing for charity
Mon 1 Dec 2008 10:51:51 am
On Friday the choir will be visiting a local supermarket. They will be singing christmas carols to raise money for charity. We would appreciate any pa [more..]

Expo Chef are in School!
Mon 1 Dec 2008 10:48:02 am
This week on Wednesday and Thursday EXPO chef are visiting Brougham Primary School. All children will see the roadshow and see a real live chef cookin [more..]

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Brougham Primary Blog

 Any feedback please!
Tue 24 Feb 2009 1:31:36 pm
Have you watched any of the BTV news programmes from home?   If so we hope you enjoy watching. We  would really like to hear  your reac [more..]

 2 February 2009
Mon 2 Feb 2009 5:01:01 pm
What a surprise to have snow! The news team took the oppurtunity and decided to film the snow and Miss Wanless' class wrote poems about it. Watch next [more..]

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