New home for TPC

News article published at: Wed Oct 24 2012 4:14:07 am
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The Primary Channel has moved home

As demand for The Primary Channel increases, the service has moved to a new data centre and a new server farm. The move has been made to make sure that response times remain satisfactory as demand for the service increases. The new servers offer around 5 times as much performance as the previous servers and the Internet connection is 10 times faster than the previous connection.

Uploads, file conversions and, of course, watching TV programmes should all behave exactly as before, though you may notice some things happen faster. For a short while, you may notice that the web site address that appears in your browser shows as ''. This is a temporary measure while the traffic redirection comes into force. You should still use the plain '' address to access the system - traffic will be automatically redirected.

We will continue to expand our server capacity and Internet bandwidth as The Primary Channel continues to grow.