Site update 1.3

News article published at: Wed Mar 7 2012 6:41:21 am
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The Primary Channel has been updated and is now running version 1.3 of the platform software. V1.3 brings a number of changes, fixes a few bugs and importantly brings the email function to those schools who have chosen to implement it.


  1. Email
  • Every user now has a fully functional, rich media email system at their disposal. It is most easily accessed via a prominent graphic button at the top-right of their home page. If the user has unread emails in their Inbox, this button will display the quantity of unread emails.
  • While the email system fully emulates the kind of email system across teh Internet, it operates only within the Eduspahere ('walled garden') of The Primary Channel.
  • Messages can be sent to one or many recipients (eg; all pupils in a class). It is easy to send a message to everyone in the school ("Merry Christmas"? "Take care around the new building works" etc). A teacher can email the whole class with one step.
  • Each user has a personal address book. Adding someone to the address book is as easy as visiting their home page and clicking a prominent "Add me" button.
  1. Menu visibility has been adapted to prevent the repeated appearance/disappearance of menus as the mouse is hovered near the upper logo panels.
  2. Generally, menus have been tidied and made clearer
  3. Navigation
    1. All users can now access the Class list, Staff list and Pupil list for a school. The name entries are now live links to the respective homepages - click on them to go to the home page. This change makes it much easier for users to find friends, teachers and classes and to jump to
    1. If the user has sufficient authority, an "Edit" link appears allowing access to the Class or Person edit page
    1. On the Staff and Pupil lists, subject to authority, a "Mailbox" link appears allowing (say) a teacher to view a pupil's mailbox or the SchoolAdmin to open another Staff member's mailbox.
  1. The appearance of dialog boxes has been tidied up