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 Gptv Projects
Fri 8 Jan 2010 2:45:04 pm
Year 2 pupils worked on a short animated film linked to their history topic, The Great Fire of London.  The children made their own backdrops and [more..]

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Tue 5 Nov 2013 2:13:48 am
TV programme published PolitenessAre you polite? Mrs Cooper's class went out and about to see if pupils in Grange School are [more..]

Guy Fawkes
Mon 21 Oct 2013 3:37:26 am
TV programme published Guy FawkesA short film produced by Year 2 (Mrs Parkinson's class) which tells the story of Guy Fawkes [more..]

GPTV News 15.7.13
Wed 17 Jul 2013 8:03:59 am
TV programme published GPTV News 15.7.13What's been going on around school? Check out the news. [more..]

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