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Blog entry published at: Fri Jan 8 2010 2:45:04 pm

Year 2 pupils worked on a short animated film linked to their history topic, The Great Fire of London.  The children made their own backdrops and models.  They filmed their work using a digital movie 3.0 creator.  Look out for The Great Fire of London on the Edusphere channel.

Take a look at the work that went into creating this film.



We have had a busy time here in the TV studio and our Year 5 and

Year 6 TV crew are doing their best to bring you all the news from around


We have completed our E-Safety film to help us all keep safe when using

mobile phones and social networking sites.

Look out for our new film from Year 6 - Victorian Hartlepool and

our Word Scramble quiz programme produced by children

from Year 5.

If you have any ideas for future projects, please let us know here at Gptv.