theprimarychannel operates within a private, ring-fenced area of the Internet we call the edusphere. Though the public can peek inside this “walled garden”, they are only permitted to see material that schools decide to publish to the public at large – for example, school and class home pages or TV and radio programmes that showcase your best work.

Security is enforced using a sophisticated Role Based Access Control System (“RBACS”) that sits at the heart of the software developed by edudigi. The system protects functions (eg; can I run the project creation program?) AND data (am I allowed to see this program?).

It is important to understand that :
  • Programmes and other material can only be uploaded to the server by schools and school personnel who are part of the project. All material is, therefore, vetted as suitable ‘at source’.
  • Each person who originates a piece of work (the “owner”) and the school decides who can view or use the materials it uploads to the server. As an example, a programme could be confined to viewing only within the originating school, shared with other schools in the local area, all schools in the UK or made available publicly – ie, anyone with Internet access could view them.
  • Public visitors to your pages (eg; parents) only see what is explicitly made public - by you
  • You decide who to invite as collaborators and which invitations that you receive to accept
  • Pupils have no administritive access
  • Each school decides which of its staff can publish material outside school
  • Pupils can’t see each others work in progress unless a teacher allows it or it’s published

Material has to be explicitly published for use outside the school. It is envisaged that only one or two people within a school (eg; the Head and the school administrator) would have the authority/system permissions to publish materials outside the school.

The teaching experience

"the software and upload system is user friendly and as a teacher not too time consuming (a major factor for keeping the profession involved.)"
Nick Strong, Y5/6 Teacher, Hart Primary

Pupils talk

"I really get stuck in and help with the editing. It is a great opportunity to film exciting trips and other things going on in school."
Connor, Y6

"It is so much fun and I have learnt lots so far"
Natasha, Y5

"The whole group is enjoying it because filming is so much fun and our school is doing a lot of interesting activities."
Lucy, Y6

"Our film crew is cool because we get to explore the equipment and see what it can do."
Daniel, Y5

"I love being in the film crew because it is really good fun using the equipment and learning how to use the software"
James, Y6