Getting started

What you will need

Getting started with theprimarychannel is easier than you may think.

We provide guidance and advice to help make sure you have suitable equipment and software compatible with the TV for Schools platform. If, for example, you have existing digital video cameras, digital still cameras, sound recorders, PCs and/or laptops, they are very likely to be usable. Advice on compatibility can be found on our web sites.

If you need to buy new or additional equipment, we encourage schools, wherever possible, to use similar equipment and software. Our web sites contain a growing library of training materials and, where contracted separately, the in-school training provision we can provide is based on a standard set of affordable equipment and software. Advice and recommendations - including specific shopping lists – can be found on our web sites.

Getting started

To get started, we recommend that schools set up a TV studio with at least two cameras (including tripods, microphones etc.) and two PCs or laptops with video editing software. A package of six half-day training sessions covering everything from basic camera operation through film making techniques to use of our software can be provided.

The cost of the TV for Schools VLE and broadcast subscription depends on the number of pupils on the school register, with a base of 150 pupils.

A school of 150 pupils needing to buy all new equipment could get started with its own TV studio and broadcast channel (as well as all the other facilities offered by our software) for around £4,000.00. This figure includes:

  • the cost of buying two complete video camera sets,
  • two new laptops with video editing software,
  • 6 in-school training sessions ,
  • a year’s subscription to theprimarychannel

Subsequent running costs are the channel subscription alone, currently £1,500 per annum for a school of 150 pupils

What are you waiting for?

Your could have its own broadcast channels in just a few days from now. Join the schools who have already discovered the transformational benefits of using theprimarychannel to discover and liberate their pupils talents, improve learning, share resources with the teaching community and celebrate their best work.

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The teaching experience

"The chance for students to work with cutting edge technology has captivated the whole school. We have a queue of children and adults wanting to be trained to work with the project."
Nick Strong, Y5/6 Teacher, Hart Primary

Pupils talk

"I really get stuck in and help with the editing. It is a great opportunity to film exciting trips and other things going on in school."
Connor, Y6

"It is so much fun and I have learnt lots so far"
Natasha, Y5

"The whole group is enjoying it because filming is so much fun and our school is doing a lot of interesting activities."
Lucy, Y6

"Our film crew is cool because we get to explore the equipment and see what it can do."
Daniel, Y5

"I love being in the film crew because it is really good fun using the equipment and learning how to use the software"
James, Y6