Educational benefits


Digital media can transform the teaching and learning environment, fostering creativity, communication, collaboration and curriculum enrichment. Cross-curricular links, transference of skills and inclusive learning comes naturally. It is highly motivational, improving pupil confidence and raising self esteem.

Teachers have found:

Improved speaking and listening skills
Promoting thinking and process skills
Enhanced cooperation and team work
Improved confidence and self esteem
Developing technology and ICT skills
Improved literacy skills from Drama and script writing
Peer mentoring skills
Public speaking and presentation skills
Celebration of learning
Shared learning
Independent learners
Communication across school
Work related learning
Community links
Teachers and pupils acquire skills in aspects of film making
Participants learn about the importance planning and the necessity of meeting deadlines
Students tackle issues relevant to their lives such as bullying, staying safe, staying healthy
Individual talents shone through during development work
Teachers learn about their students and what they can achieve
Excitement and enjoyment about learning
Great team work
A huge respect for what children can do and what we can do – learners leading learning
Developing new skills that we never anticipated.
Links with businesses and careers
Drawing from the community
Economic understanding - appreciation for the work that goes into making a short programme, animation
Personalised learning pathways – work any time anywhere – available at home and at school
Engages parents
Builds confidence
Fosters creativity, Imagination, Invention, Purpose, Originality,
Challenges convention,
Improves pupils’ self esteem,
Motivates children regardless of ability, behaviour or age and celebrates achievement

The teaching experience

"The impact on pupils’ learning has been immediate – the selected ‘TV crew’ are already demonstrating high level technical and communication skills. They are evaluating their own and other schools’ work – this is peer evaluation and collaboration at its best and pupil voice in practice."
Carole Carroll, Headteacher, Rift House Primary School

Pupils talk

"I really get stuck in and help with the editing. It is a great opportunity to film exciting trips and other things going on in school."
Connor, Y6

"It is so much fun and I have learnt lots so far"
Natasha, Y5

"The whole group is enjoying it because filming is so much fun and our school is doing a lot of interesting activities."
Lucy, Y6

"Our film crew is cool because we get to explore the equipment and see what it can do."
Daniel, Y5

"I love being in the film crew because it is really good fun using the equipment and learning how to use the software"
James, Y6