Cost effective

Our technology is standards-based and makes use of schools' existing infrastructure. The capital cost of implementing theprimarychannel is surprisingly small and running costs are very affordable - just a few pence per pupil per school day.

Our open, standards based design philosophy means that it is not necessary to install special cabling or facilities in school. Programmes are streamed to the school over the Internet and then distributed within school to wherever they are needed using (in most cases, existing) data network cabling already used to link computers and electronic whiteboards.

Even setting up your own TV studio need not be costly or involved. At its simplest, all that is required is temporary use of the corner of a classroom where a backdrop (supplied in the recommended starter kit) can be hung and space cleared to position cameras and computers.

Subscription price bands

theprimarychannel is a subscription service. Schools and colleges may subscribe to theprimarychannel on payment of an annual fee determined by the number of pupils on the school register. To accommodate inevitable fluctuations in actual school numbers, prices are banded in groups of 50 pupils with a minimum school size of 150 pupils – eg; a school of 280 pupils will join the 300 pupil band.

The teaching experience

"The impact on the rest of the school is also evident as ‘news reporters’ from across the age groups become involved in the project. We feel that the possibilities for challenging, creative and enriched learning through this digital media project are endless."
Carole Carroll, Headteacher, Rift House Primary School

Pupils talk

"I really get stuck in and help with the editing. It is a great opportunity to film exciting trips and other things going on in school."
Connor, Y6

"It is so much fun and I have learnt lots so far"
Natasha, Y5

"The whole group is enjoying it because filming is so much fun and our school is doing a lot of interesting activities."
Lucy, Y6

"Our film crew is cool because we get to explore the equipment and see what it can do."
Daniel, Y5

"I love being in the film crew because it is really good fun using the equipment and learning how to use the software"
James, Y6