Pupils and staff can access theprimarychannel using almost any common Internet browser at any time and place that suits them. Work takes place in school, at home - in fact anywhere the Internet is available.

Our adherence to open standards ensures the widest compatibility with computers and software already in use in schools and homes. Whether you use Windows, Macs or Linux as your computing platform, MS Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera or any other standards compliant browser you will be able to access and use theprimarychannel.

This "any time, anywhere" accessibiilty is liberating and revolutionary. It frees education from the confines of the classroom and anables pupils and staff to work where and when it best suits them. theprimarychannel is also fun and engaging - pupils feel motivated when they see their work on-line, can share it woth others and gain feedback on their efforts.

How it works

Work can be performed on-line (including simple video and audio recording!) or off-line and subsequently uploaded to our servers. For example, to make a TV programme, pupils and staff use digital camcorders to record video clips that are transferred to and edited on a PC (personal computer) into video clips that are uploaded over the Internet to the secure servers operated by edudigi. Once uploaded within a project (that will eventually become the finished TV programme) the clips can be combined with others (eg; titles and credits) and assembled on-line into a running order. The completed programme is then published and becomes visible to others.

Who can see and access individual projects and other objects within the system (eg; a child’s blog) is determined first and foremost by the originator of the work who must choose to publish it before anyone (other than a child’s teacher or the school administrator) can see it. Work can be published to a class, to the whole school, to a group of schools working or associated together, to all schools worldwide or, to the public so that anyone visiting the school’s channel can see it.

Publishing permissions are securely guarded so schools can be sure that only approved work that represents it fairly gets a wide audience. This is a key aspect of the trust that edudigi’s system enjoys – schools are the only bodies that can put material into the system and each school has full control of the material it chooses to share with others.

The teaching experience

"The chance for students to work with cutting edge technology has captivated the whole school. We have a queue of children and adults wanting to be trained to work with the project."
Nick Strong, Y5/6 Teacher, Hart Primary

Pupils talk

"I really get stuck in and help with the editing. It is a great opportunity to film exciting trips and other things going on in school."
Connor, Y6

"It is so much fun and I have learnt lots so far"
Natasha, Y5

"The whole group is enjoying it because filming is so much fun and our school is doing a lot of interesting activities."
Lucy, Y6

"Our film crew is cool because we get to explore the equipment and see what it can do."
Daniel, Y5

"I love being in the film crew because it is really good fun using the equipment and learning how to use the software"
James, Y6