Correct settings for widescreen video

The settings you use when editing video in Pinnacle and converting video files using AVC prior to upload (if you use this step)are VITALLY IMPORTANT. They absolutely MUST match the type of video file you are working with - any mismatch is likely to cause problems - such as black or blank video. Please follow the settings below in order to ensure successful upload and conversion of your video files:

1.    In Pinnacle

Click Setup menu / Project preferences. The setting you are most interested in is the group at lower left headed "Project format". NOTE it says *PROJECT* format - not clip format or output format. This setting applies ONCE to each NEW project. If you reuse a project, its settings are retained. If you need to work with a different video output format, save the current project then open a new project and set its format as described below.

Pinnacle project settings

The default setting is "Set from first clip added to project". What this means in practise is that the OUTPUT file format will be set by the first video clip to be placed on the timeline. Should you, for example, place a title clip that happens to be in 4:3 format on the timeline, the project settings will be set to that ratio even if you subsequently load only widescreen format material.

If you only work with material in a single format, you can safely leave this setting as it is.

If you work with material in several formats (eg; you have a mix of camera types or want to include, say, footage from a mobile phone in a project) you should be sure to select the option "Use this format for new projects" and select the appropriate format from the drop-down box beneath. In UK/Europe, this means "PAL Progressive Widescreen" for widescreen projects and "PAL Progressive" for 4:3 format. In the U.S., please choose the equivalent NTSC options to match local broadcast standards and frame rates. In UK/Europe, your widescreen settings should look like this:

Pinnacle Widescreen Progressive setting

We strongly recommend that you choose a widescreen format when mixing standard (ie, 4:3) and widescreen material in the same project. If you want to mix formats and use a Standard 4:3 output format you should make sure that the first frame of your project contains 4:3 format video that is non-blank but fills the frame - eg; a full title page. Failure to follow this advice is likely to lead to problems in later conversion stages - whether on the desktop or on upload to our servers - such as blank video streams.


2.     In Pinnacle / Make Movie

A reminder - your Make Movie settings in Pinnacle should look like this:

Make Movie initial settings

and, when you click the Settings button (at the bottom of the image, shown above) the settings should appear as in the image, below.

Make File settings

These settings ensure that the AVI file created has maximum compatibility with our servers and conversion processes.

3.    Using Any Video Convertor to compress video files prior to upload

If you prefer or need to compress video files prior to upload to our servers, the settings pane in the recommended Any Video Convertor software should look like this:

AVC settings

The settings shown above are correct for a widescreen format video. If your video is in Standard (4:3) format, set Video size to 360x288. More information on use of Any Video Convertor can be found in this FAQ article.