Copyright or Copywrong?


As soon as you take a photo, write some homework, post to your blog, record a voiceover or make a video you become an author. And, as an author, you own the copyright in the new, original work you have just created!

Copyright prevents anyone else from stealing your work, claiming it as their own or using it without your permission.

Just as you wouldn''t want anyone else taking your work without your permission, you shouldn''t misuse other people''s work - that''s "Copywrong!"

So, here are some of the things you mustn''t do ...:
  • Upload commercial videos or music
  • Use photos or images taken from other websites without the site owner''s permission
  • Use commercial music in your videos - even as background
If you do any of these things, we have to remove your work from the site as soon as we become aware of material that belongs to someone else. That''s annoying if your work also contains a lot that''s yours. And, if you break these rules too often, we might restrict or delete your account.

So, remember ... Enjoy your copyright ... and don''t do copywrong!